We have the latest technology in tridimensional digitalization (Laser Scanner based on structured light and digital photogrametry).

We are specialized in digitalizing the human figure in highly detail, (Face Scan, Head Scan and Body Scan). By means of our innovative Drone Scan System we can digitalize big outside areas such as facades, monuments of artistic, cultural and historical heritage...

3D digitalization is the process of capturing a large piece and processing it by computer systems to make a digital model in 3 dimensions (reverse-engineering). It is done by means of point cloud and/or a polygon mesh, solid or surface. For this purpose, we use some digitalizing tools and then the digital treatment in order to edit the model and create a tridimensional model of highest quality definition.

After being digitalized and optimized we can follow with the digital model for a further reproduction with mechanized systems or prototyping.

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